Interior Refurbishment Services

Whether you are seeking a total refurbishment of your aircraft or a few select improvements, Airside interiors will give you the time and attention required to ensure a flawless finish every time.

No job is too big or too small; we’re happy to repair a seatbelt or refurbish an entire jet, but our focus is always on innovation and excellence. We have refurbished a large range of aircrafts, including:

  • Pipers through to Cherokees and Chieftains;
  • Beechcraft, Bonanzas/Barrons through to King Airs;
  • Cessnas 152s through to CJs/Citations;
  • Metros, ATRs and SAABs as well as a large range of helicopters.

A range of our services is listed below, although it is not exhaustive. If you require something that is not on the list please Contact Us to see if we can help you.

Aircraft Covers and Engine Bungs: We tailor-make these to suit your aircraft after close consultation with you.

Carpet: We can remove or replace old floor and sidewall carpets with new high-grade wool carpet that has been custom cut, edged and bound with optional foam underlay. Heel mats can also be stitched in for the pilot and co-pilot. Carpet runners and loose mats can be manufactured for entry door and around seats.

Curtains: We tailor-make these to your specifications for style and fabric (of which there is lots of variety to choose from).

Custom Embroidery: We can add company logos or designs into seats or interior according to your requirements.

Interior Plastic Trim: We can inspect, clean, repair, re-cover or paint to your exact specifications.

Nacelle/Wind Lockers and Baggage Compartments: We can remove or replace all the existing carpet with custom-cut, high-grade carpet.

Seats: We custom design seat covers by stripping bare the seats, headrests and armrests to the frames and checking the mechanics where required. The seats are then cleaned, painted to match the new colour, re-foamed and re-covered. We have special tailor-made sheepskin covers or bulk regional seat covers available to choose from.

Seat Belts: We can re-web seat belts, replace the hardware where necessary and install shoulder harnesses.

Sidewalls and Head Lining: We can strip off old material then re-foam and re-cover in your choice of material.

Wind Lace: We can remove or replace old wind lacing as required.

The majority of our work is carried out onsite at Bankstown Airport, however, if it is not possible to get your aircraft to us, we can to come to you!

For more detailed information about the design process and materials we use please see our Design & Materials page.